$ 500.00

Stylus pens for Smartphones and tablets

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Stylus pens for Smartphones and tablets

$ 500.00
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Stylus pens for Smartphones and tablets
Oct 30, 2015

They are Brand new and available in multiple colours!

Manage everything from grocery lists to board meeting notes with stylus pens that write smoothly on smartphones and tablets. 

Write or Draw
Touchscreens are handy, but sometimes you just want to jot a quick note by hand. Use the stylus in conjunction with iPad note-taking apps to compile lists in your own personal shorthand. The stylus also allows you to digitally sign a document before you transmit it. Use the stylus to draw helpful diagrams or sketch ideas for future art projects.

Keep Your Touchscreen Clean
Oils and dirt from your fingers rub off on your touchscreen, making it difficult to read. Typing or writing with a stylus pen keeps the screen free of distracting marks and germs that can spread illness.

Locate Easily
Attached clips and straps make it easy to locate your stylus pen. Multiple colors and patterns are available to coordinate with your device or its cover. Packs with multiple stylus pens allow you to conveniently place them in your car, your briefcase, and your desk so that you always have one when you need it.

For more info PLEASE CALL 584-9144/437-3922 OR WHATSAPP  437-3922 say you saw it on WEPREE!

Please visit our store located at SHOP 4B, SPRINGS PLAZA, KGN 10, Half Way Tree thank you for viewing!

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